Movie Quotes from Stay Tuned: Quotes from the movie Stay Tuned

…so we decided to see what would happen if we went up to a complete stranger and told her that her husband was dead!

1. Any last requests? 2. Yeah. How about the long version of ‘Stairway to Heaven’. 1. I’m afraid that is not where you are going.

1. How come he dresses like a woman? 2. I do that sometimes.

1. Mom…that looks like Mom. 2. That IS Mom. That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you. Our parents are trapped in television.

Better to be a private dick than a public dick.

CROWLEY: Nice disguise. Interesting concept. Diagonal boobs. Can you fix that thing?
ROY: I thought the wolves got you!
CROWLEY: Oh yeah? Lemme tell you about wolves. Vicious? Extremely. But not that bright. While those dumb bunnies were fighting over a couple of my appendages, I managed to escape.

Duane’s World! Party time! Excrement!

Greetings, Captain Roy. Our remotes are synchronized, so wherever you go, I go. Enjoy the attack.

HELEN: Couldn’t be any worse, huh, Roy?
ROY: Helen? Oh, my God! We’re cartoons! Boy, this is strange.
HELEN: Strange? I’m an animated rodent wearing high-heeled running shoes. The word strange is somehow lacking! (Somebody comes. They run for cover)
ROY: At least we’re safe here. Nobody ever dies in cartoons, right?

Holy Shatner!

My doctor was right. Doughnuts will be the death of me.

Needs more butta.

ROY: *Lady-like voice* I nevair kiss on ze fiairst date! *He elbows the soldier in the stomach*

ROY: You know, for a cartoon, you look pretty sexy.

Shelly? Shelly hi, itsh me. Guesh what…

The Boss himself. An’ I don’t mean Springsteen.

Whoever left the gate open is grounded for a week! (The dog runs toward them, jumps and is zapped and swallowed by the satellite dish)
Check that. Whoever left the gate open gets double their allowance!

Yeah, how about the long version of ‘Stairway to Heaven’?

You’re pizza topping!

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