Movie Quotes from Star Is Born, A: Quotes from the movie Star Is Born, A

As long as you’re having fun with it, otherwise, I’d get
rid of it.


Here’s what I’m here for.

His work is affecting his drinking

I believe in love.

I’d rather believe that tastes change, like eyebrows. But I also think that also like eyebrows, tastes are going back to natural.

It’s a new world.

John Norman!!! John Norman!!!

Lose that long face.

Ms. Streisand’s clothes from…her closet.

Someone at last.

The man that got away.

Tragedy is a test of courage, if you meet it bravely, it will leave bigger that it finds you. If not, you’ll have to live all your life with a coward, because no matter where you run, you can never run away from yourself.

Watch closely now.

Whatever I do, I still respect lovely things, and you’re lovely.

With one more look at you.

You gotta have me go with you.

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