Movie Quotes from Stagecoach: Quotes from the movie Stagecoach

#1- But you’ve got a doctor on board. #2- Doc Holiday? #1- If he’s the only one you got, then he’s the best you got. #2- Doc Holiday is a dentist, I don’t know too many women that want to have their babies delivered by a dentist. #1- I don’t know any.

#1- Hey Doc you know anything about babies? #2- About what? #1- Babies, you know…little…babies. #3- The kind that women have. #2- I think I know how they are made and I’ve heard rumors about where they come from and I believe they grow up to be people. #1- That’s all you know? #2- They’re messy and they make a lot of noise. #3- What else? #2- I wouldn’t play poker with one and I wouldn’t have one in the house.

#1- I think I’m feeding half the State of Chihuahua. SWEETHEART! #2- Did that seem funny to you about Gatewood? #1- Yeah and then what do I get to eat when I get home in Lordsburg? Nothing but frijole beans that’s all nothing but beans, beans, beans. BESSIE, BLACKIE, BROWNIE GIRL YAH, GET ALONG!

#1- Where you going? #2- I am out. #1- Hoss you got our money you gotta give us a chance to win it back. #2- Now when you men came in here you surely didn’t believe you were in some Boston gentlemen’s club.

#1-I’ll take that shotgun Luke. #2-You’ll take it in the belly if you don’t get out of my way! #1-I’ll have you indicted for murder if you step outside with that shotgun.

#1-We’re all gonna be scalped, Gatewood. Massacred in one fell swoop. That’s why the soldiers are with us. #2-He’s joking, of course. #3-Oh no he’s not. Oh dear no. I wish he were.

#1-Well, me and Buck are taking this coach through, passengers or not. Now whoever wants to get out can get out. #2-Courage, courage Reverend. Ladies first. #1How ’bout you Dallas? #3-What are ya tryin’ to do? Scare somebody! They got me in here. Now let ’em try to put me out. There are worse things than Apaches.

#1-You see brother, I have a wife and five children… #2-Then you’re a man. By all the powers that be Reverend, you’re a man. #3-All right folks. #4-Marshal. Make room for one more. I’m offering my protection to this lady. I can shoot fairly straight if there’s need for it. #3-That’s been proved too many times Hatfield. All right, get in. We’re late.

–Doc…I’ll buy ya’ a drink.
–Just one.

–Put out that cigar…A gentleman doesn’t smoke in the presence of a lady.
–Three weeks ago, I took a bullet out of a man who was shot by a gentleman. The bullet was in the back!

America for Americans!

Billy! Billy! Kill that story about the Republican Convention in Chicago and take this down.

I can find another wife easy, but not a horse like that.

Reduce taxes!…The national debt is shocking!

Stagecoach to Cheyenne.

There are some things a man just can’t walk away from.

Well, I guess you can’t break out of prison and into society in the same week.

What this country needs is a businessman for president!

What’s good for the banks is good for the country!

You might need me and this here Winchester, Curley.

You oughtn’t to go too far, Miss Dallas. Apaches like to sneak up and pick off strays. You, uh, visitin’ in Lordsburg?

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