Movie Quotes from Spy Hard: Quotes from the movie Spy Hard

(quote actually from SPY KIDS) 1)Ew,gross! 2) What do you see? 1) You.

1)There’s something I think we should talk about before I head out to my golf game. 2)What is it Dick? 1)It’s a game. People dress funny. Drinking is involved.


The Beatles said it best baby, she loves you, yeah; yeah; yeah; yeah!

cray? some people think that walking down the street muttering to yourself is crazy. no… thats not crazy. crazy is walking down the street with half a candle on your head screaming im a hampster… thats crazy.

I’m back in life, and twice as ugly

This one won’t talk , take him out side and kill him….and use the silencer!

Woman: Goodbye..and I wish you adieu
Man: Thanks..but I’m quite satisfied with the do i have

Woman: When I’m through with you, your face is gonna look like swiss cheese.
WD-40: That’s no gouda.

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