Movie Quotes from Spellbound: Quotes from the movie Spellbound

–You don’t seem very surprised to hear that this Doctor Edwardes was a fake and may be guilty of murder.
–I’m used to such surprises in my work.

Apparently, the mind is never too ill to make jokes about psychoanalysis.

Good night and sweet dreams…which we’ll analyze in the morning.

He was leaning over the sloping roof of a high building. It was the man with the beard. I yelled at him to watch out. Then he went went over slowly, with his feet in the air. And then I saw the proprietor again– the man in the mask. He was hiding behind a tall chiminy, and he had a small wheel in his hand. I saw him drop the wheel on the roof. Suddenly I was running. Then I heard somthing beating over my head– it was a great pair of wings. The wings chased me and almost cought up with me when I came to the bottom of the hill.

Now, this honeymoon is complicated enough without you dragging medical ethics into it.

There’s lots of happiness in working hard. Maybe the most.

think back to your childhood

We are speaking about a schizophrenic, not a valentine.

Woman’s talk. Bah!

Women make the best psychoanalysts until they fall in love. After that they make the best patients.

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