Movie Quotes from Soul Man: Quotes from the movie Soul Man

brad- you know sign language, what did he say? lisa- i may be getting a little rusty, but i swear he said, your nose is happy like the moon…

don’t u think that u r overreacting?

go get my heroine and hypodermic needle, BITCH! and get me some more watermelon while yo at at! white fat ass slut! whatchu lookin at?

harvard FUCKING law school!

if i am impotent, i might as well look impotent

lisa- is he blind? gordo- no, just dumb (mark stops swirving his head) gordo- completely dumb………………………………………….. lisa- what’s his name? gordo- uh… caream…. lisa- nice to meet you, caream! (mark motions hand gestures)

mark- look, i’m really not tha good! coach- well, have you played before? mark- yeah, like on the playground

Mark: thats a SWEET gesture…but- I really don’t think it’s necessary…

Mark? A black negro? Thank you for telling me this. I’m going to confront him right now.

Mark? a black negro? where are you getting this information?!?

Mom! Dad! There’s something I have to tell you…I’m black.

no offense, right?

redo- well, the joke’s on you sucka, cause i’m goin to harvard!… and don’t call me a liar!

thats before i knew the prof was a brother

This is the Cosby decade. America loves black people.

well im going to harvard sucka! and dont call me a liar!

What? Mark a black negro? Where did you get this information from? Nobody ever told me he was a black negro.

wut’s happenin brotha! get down, get down! lookin good mama, lookin good! well, i gots to be goin now!

Your father’s in Barbados, your grandfather’s in Forest Lawn and your credit rating’s in the toilet.

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