Movie Quotes from Sorority Boys: Quotes from the movie Sorority Boys

-Hey man, what’s on your skirt?
-Well what flavor was it–big juicy cock?

A lovers quarrel!

Aaaaa! She kicked me in the ba-GINA!!!

ADAM:You don’t understand what I’m going through,Dave!
Look at me! I’m ugly! I would never fuck me!

Adena:I waired all night for you!Paige:Oh lovers quarell

Buncha’ pink nightmares…

Can i make one little suggestion? and after we shave your face we can do your armpits your knuckles…your back and maybe your butt

Cooinky Dinky My Stinky Pinky

Dave- Dude.Whats your Problem?
Adam- Whats my problem? Where do I fucking start? My bras rubbin’ me raw, I have a fat ass, and I’ve twisted my ankle three times today!
Dave-Why are you wearing heels? This is college, no one’s wearing heels.
Doofer-Yea heels are last year..hello!
Adam-Dude they make my legs look slimmer….I have a FAT ASS!

Did little red riding hood lose her way to grandma’s bathroom?

Did little red rising hood lose her way to grandma’s bathroom?

Dude…I have a FATASS!

get your eyes of my tits rug muncher

Ha! You throw like a GIRL!

Hey everybody theres the dog that Jimmy Backdoored

Hey everybody! That’s the DOG that Jimmy Back-doored!!

Hey Nani Nani

Hey Noni Noni

Holy Shit! Oh, you scared ol’ Roberta!

How many times do I have to tell you that the toilet is for toilet paper and toilet paper only!

I banged her five times and she was begging for more.

I just had the most incredible dream–and I never even went to sleep!

i know why guys like you take woman’s studies coarses

I love Lesbos!

i love when you braid my hair it feels so good

I try to get boys to like me, but they run away, and i try to run after them, but one leg is shorter than the other. It’s because of my voice isn’t it? (no not at all) You guys are supa doopa!
– courtesy of brittle

i’m gettin me a baconburger man!

Im a dude!

Im addicted to porn, and I constantly masterbate…..Pillow fight

It’s like wookie man.

its like a wookie man

Jimmy: He told me you’d say that too!

kewinky dinky my stinky pinky

LEAH:Frat assholes!

LEAH:Should I get under the table and suck your cock right now?
DAVID:What here?

Lets try Patty, up the middle one more TIME!

Mothers Ass! Why do you let them treat you this? You can’t be a bunch of pussys the rest of your life. I hate this place!

My ba–gina!


My name is Adena, and I like Sports……. Football Mostly

My name is Roberta, I’m addicted to porn, and I masturbate constantly!

My names Patti…Hi. As you can I see Im giant. All I really want is to fit into car clothes..Im a very gentle person

Oh my God man, look at this little handbag this would go perfect with my shoesies, holy…

Ooh, here’s a nice dress – if you’re anorexic! Why can’t they make more clothes for girls who need to hide a big caboose?

Quit starin at my tits rug-muncher

Stop it now, stop it!

suck my dick

Suck my dick!


Tell me your name and I won’t follow you home tonight!

thank you Big Johnson

The girl was fair who went upstairs with her favorite KOK. She knocked around and came back down, and now she takes the walk. The walk of shame – she’s not to blame. Who could resist the KOK. The walk of shame, she found her fame and now she takes the walk!

Umm personal? Well um, my name is Roberta, anndd, i’m addicted to porn and i masturbate constantly…PILLOW FIGHT! PILLOW FIGHT! – roberta – courtesy of brittle

Well thats easy for you to say, you’re pretty.

Oh Thanks it’s just something I threw together.

What is this a box of porno’s?

What the f*ck are you doing dipshit.

You plugged your bro?!

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