Movie Quotes from Sometimes They Come Back: Quotes from the movie Sometimes They Come Back

(When Vinnie pulls out a knife in class) Mr. Norman: You wanna give that to me? Vinnie: Oh, I’d love to give it to you.

1)All these boys are now in my class. They all claim to be exchanges from Milford but, I can’t find anything on a Milford High. 2)There’s a Milford, only, it’s not a school, it’s a cemetary.

1)Are you Richard Larson? 2)Alive and present Mr. Norman, I just transfered up from Milford.

Hello Mrs. Norman, can Jimmy come out to play?

Nobody hits me and lives, man!

Run Jimmy Runnnnnnnnnnn

Run Jimmy runnnnnnnnnnnn!

Time to rock, jock!

Page Topic: Movie Quotes from ‘Sometimes They Come Back’: Quotes from the movie ‘Sometimes They Come Back’

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