Movie Quotes from Something to Talk About: Quotes from the movie Something to Talk About

–Daddy, I’m sorry.
–Don’t be.
–I’m not.

1) He’s here. 2)Oh, God…keep him busy, will ya? 1) [opens door] Hi.. 3) Hi. Is she here? 1) Yeah, let me get her [reaches to hug 3 but knees him in the balls instead] 3) Screams 1) Oh my god!! What did you do?!?! 1) You told me to keep him busy. He’s busy holdin his balls.

Emma Ray! Emma Ray! Emma Ray: ARe you addressing me? Well
lick it, put a stamp on it, and send it to somebody who gives
a crap!

Emma Ray: Hey Eddie I just had a news flash. Eddie: I’ll alert the
media. Emma Ray: I bet one of these days you and Grace are gonna make
wonderful grownups.

Georgia: What on earth was he thinking of?Emma Rae: Prob’ly the same thing he was thinking with.

Grace: How do I know that we won’t end up right back here? Eddie:
I wouldn’t do the things you can’t take back. I want it to be different.
Grace: I want to be different too.

GRACE: We should have him over for dinner. But how do I ask?
EMMARAE: Just ask him what he likes to eat. If he says pussy, have him over.

I don’t have the time for the nervous break down I deserve!

I have orgasms everyday, I’ve just gotten so used to having them when you’re not in the room!

I’m gonna go see a horse about a man

I’ve got to see a horse about a man.

it tastes like yours only sweeter

My own daughters are ashamed of me, but I’m ashamed of you.
Why? You drink too much, you laugh too loud at your own jokes,
and Wylie I’m gonna tell you something, you fart in your sleep.
And I have put up with all of it because it was a part of you, and I loved you and I was
proud to be your wife, but I’m not proud anymore and if you attempt to
walk across this threshold, I am going to call down to that barn and have
those boys come up here and throw you out on your ass.

Oh, don’t you lay that on me!

Yeah, I was just wondering if anyone else here has f*cked my husband…

You drink too much! And, and you laugh too loud at your own jokes! And, Wiley, Ah’m gonna tell you somt’n, you faht in yo sleep!

You told me to keep him busy. He’s busy holding his nuts.

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