Movie Quotes from Sniper: Quotes from the movie Sniper

The feelings your feeling right now isent the worst feeling the worst feeling is when you stop feeling.

The felings your feling right no isent the worst feeling the worst feeling is when you stop feeling.

#1. So I here that you shot a guy from a CHOPER #2 Is it true that you have killed 78 men? #1 It don’t mader how many people you have killed i am just out here to do my job. and by the way i don’t belive u one bit about u shotting a gut from a choper wehen it is moving you FUCKING LIAR.

1)BULLSHIT!!! You fired a spoiler!
2)He was in my sights. I got him. You saw.
1)I didn’t see nothin’. All i saw was you fired a warning shot.
2)Well i got him.
1)You better!!

1. You gonna where that?
2. Yeah, its called Guchiflauge.
2. I got it when i was with D.C. Swat.
1. Guchiflauge?
1. (grabs camo and throws it out train window)
2. nice shot!
1. ain’t no room for peter pan on this hunt.

Ain’t no room for Peter Pan on this hunt!

BULLSHIT!! You fired a warning shot!!

feel the rush

One Shot, One Kill… No Exceptions

what do you mean that this is a bad movie it was actually a pretty good movie and i would tell my friends to watch this movie and that thing that somebody said about is true but don’t tell your kids i said that.

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