Movie Quotes from Smokers, The: Quotes from the movie Smokers, The

….marajuana to all, and to all, a good high

best real drug using gurls around!

james dean, karen. james fucking dean.

munch the muffin

Twas’ the night before a party when all through the town no Pigs were stirring no Cops were around. We drank Seagram’s, smoked Panama Reds, while visions of the munchies danced through our head. When all of a sudden cam a knock at the door, we all yelled PIGS and hit the floor. But what to our red-glazed eyes should appear, a fucking pound of Colombian with two kegs of beer. The man at the door flashed us a smile, so we said Come on in man, you should party awhile. We heard him exclaim as he flew through the sky, Marijuana to all, and to all a great high!

y did you do that? i thought you were ready well i wasent you could of waited ive been waiting 2 months well ive been wait 17 years!

You have no idea what it’s like to have a gapping hole between my legs waiting to be filled by the likes of you

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