Movie Quotes from Small Time Crooks: Quotes from the movie Small Time Crooks

–Remember what they used to call me in the joint?
–The brain.
–No, that was sarcastic.

1. yeah, what id we each get a forth and she gets like a third. 2. what are you nuts? then she’ll be getting more than us. do you figure? 2. where are you gonna get 4 forths and a third? can’t you add? 1. i don’t do fractions alright.

1. You know, I’ve always wanted to know how to spell Connecticut! 2. You can teach his that, right!?

Compared to you, this CHAIR is a genius!

Didja hear the one about the Polish carpool? Every day they’d meet at work.

He’s better looking than you, he’s smarter than you, he’s more sophisticated than you….May, don’t feel obligated to pull any punches.

I burn everything. How do you think I sent two kids through college?

i prefer tap water

It’s the pope! I always wanted to see your apartment.

Ray: He’s not stupid just because he drives a truck.
Frenchie: No, he’s stupid because he has a low IQ.

Well, you know, I don’t do fractions.

What would you say if I told you, you were married to a genius. I’d say I was a bigamist

Your cousin May is stupid like a dog or a horse or something.

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