Movie Quotes from Slumber Party Massacre II: Quotes from the movie Slumber Party Massacre II

(Boys watching the girls dance)
Jeff: I didn’t know girls did this sort of thing!!
T.J: That’s cos we’re dead and this is heaven!!

(Killer pops up in the back seat of Jeff’s car with a red flower behind his ear!!)
Driller Killer: this is dedicated to the one I love
(drills Jeff through his chest)

Courtney: Matt…Matt, I’ve never…
Driller Killer: Gone all the way??!!
(Killer drills Matt through his chest while Courtney screams)
Courtney: No, your just a dream, just a dream (backs away to the door)
Driller Killer: Does this look like a dream to you
(killer rips off Matt’s arm and throws it, smashing Courtney’s ‘beautiful’ birthday cake!)

Hey, Baby…Love the one you’re with!

I am you and you are me, until we go all the way.

I cant get no…SATISFACTION

I know what Courtney is getting for her birthday…a boyfriend!

I wanna be your Tokyo Convertible

It’s my birthday, and I don’t want to go to a mental hospital!

Matt: has anyone seen or heard anything else strange around here?
T.J: Only Courtney!!

Matt: What’s going on here guys, is this a joke?
T.J: I think your sweethearts been taking too many diet pills!!

Rock ‘n’ Roll never dies baby

Sally’s silly song!!:
I wan’t a silver caddy with a land down top,
I want sugar daddy with a candy shop,
I want a lot of things that money can’t buy,
But what I want most is a pie in the sky,
What I want most is a pie in the sky!!

Sally: Now I know why you invited us
Sheila: why
Sally: cos you wanted us to help you unpack your dad’s stuff!!!
Sheila: Nooo!!!

Sheila: Christ where have you been??
Sally: I just went to the store to get some more Oxy 10 and I met this outrageous guy. He was such a babe………did I do something wrong??
Officer Voorhies: You freaked out your little friends here and you wasted about $200 of the tax payers money, but you didn’t do anything wrong (patronising)

Sheila: oooh ooooh oooh fantastic
T.J: I know
(after they have had sex!!)

Smoke your head!

Sunday’s my birthday and I don’t want to go to a mental hospital!

T.J: how bout we go skinny dipping?
Sheila: No way
T.J: You girls are so uptight. It looked to me like they were in to it last night, didn’t it look that way to you (slaps the blowup doll in the face a few times to emphasise) huh? huh?
Sheila: Yeah well, we’re sober now, apparantly your not. (looking at Courtney) What’s the matter Courtney, got a hangover?
Courtney: Yeah I guess I do. Boy I had the worst nightmare last night.
(T.J is sucking Sheila’s toes with the blowup doll’s mouth)
Sheila: (looking at T.J’s antics) So did I!!

The way she broke my heart,
She made me cry,
So don’t you know,
She had to die
She had to die

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