Movie Quotes from Sleepover: Quotes from the movie Sleepover

1) BLUE! BLUE! You know what that means? 2) Our house is having a boy?

Bite me….I can dance

Check it, he’s letting in the pleathers.

Go be a teenager, it ends to soon, and it gets replaced by ribbons and lamp shades.

hi im guy…yes you are a guy quite a guy oh my that rhymes…yikes … bikes (laughes)

High school rocked! I wish I was still there. Everyone is so…serious. Stay in high school as long as you can.

Honk Honk! I’m outside!

I don’t have a boyfriend. 2.oh, are you playing hard to get?

i had a dream about these…they were trying to kill me

I need to borrow 5 bucks…actually, I need $20…Can I borrow 50 bucks?

I’ll take the pies to the girls!

I’m BLOOMING! I need a lock on my door!

If you tell anyone about this, I will so injure you!

julie: it involoves my money. Ren: your money is my favourite word


Oh my God, look at my dad he is so oblivious!

OOOOOH be cool guys

somebody stole my bike…wat happened to his car…it got repossesed and we’re all so proud

Spongebob: Cat fight. Memo. HIss. HIss

Spongebob: Hey sweet thang wanna dance?
Stacey: When hell freezes over..twice

Stacie did the fall give you brain damage!

wake up ladies THERE’S GONNA BE PANCAKES!!!

we’re having a lady bug party…we got lady bug cups, lady bug plates and a lady bug pinyata…arn’t these antena bopper just a hoot Hanna

Yancy: Do you like brownies?
Peter: Are you kidding? Brownies are a very important food group.

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