Movie Quotes from Sixth Sense, The: Quotes from the movie Sixth Sense, The

– De profundis clamo ad te domine..
– Do all your soldiers speak latin?
– Only this one.

1) Can I tell you my secret now? 2) Yes. 1) I see dead people.

1) Please make them leave. 2) I’m working on it.

1) You know the accident up ahead? 2) Yeah? 1) The lady-she broke her neck. 2) Oh my God, where is she? 1) Standing next to my window.

1) You know the prickly things on the back of your neck? 2) Yeah? 1) That’s them.

1)…and you do another little shake, and the penny is right back in the hand where it started. 2)That’s stupid. 1)It’s supposed to be funny. 2)It’s stupid. I want my penny back.

1)Cole, tell me, did you take the bumblebee pendent? 2)No. 1)You’ve had enough roast beef. Go to your room. GO!!!

1)De profundis clamo ad te domine. 2)Do all your soldiers speak Latin, Cole? 1)No…(looks down blanky)Only one.

1)Do you think I’m a freak? 2)No! Who said that? 1)People at school. 2)Don’t you believe what they say. You’re not a freak, that’s bullshit. All right? 1)You said the s word. 2)I’m sorry.

1)I see dead people. 2)In your sleep? 1)No. 2)What, in coffins? 2)Walking around like regular people. They don’t see eachother, they only see what they want to see. They don’t know they’re dead.

1)I’m ready to communicate with you now.
1)Tell you my secrets.
2)What is it?
1)You know the accident up there?
1)Someone got hurt.
2)They did?
1)A lady. . .she died.
2)Oh my god, what you can see her?
2)Where is she?
1)Standing next to my window
2)Cole, you’re scaring me
1)They scare me too sometimes

1)Mama? 2)No! Dinner is NOT ready! You can’t hurt me anymore! (shows slit wrists) MANNY, YOU’RE A TERRIBLE HUSBAND!!!

1)Stop looking at me like that. Stop! I don’t like it when people look at me like that! 2)Where should I look. 1)Over there. 2)Can I look over now. Just tap once for no and two for yes. (tap) You feel like going for a walk? (tap tap)

1)You know what I did today? I won the Pennsylvania lottery in the morning, I quit my jobs, then I ate a delicious chocolate cheese cake, and I swam in the fountain all afternoon. What did you do? 2)I was picked first for kickball, I hit a grand slam and won the game, and everybody lifted me up on their shoulders and cheered.

1)You’re Studdering Stanley. 2)What? 1)You talked funny when you went to this school. You talked funny all the way through high school. 2)Wh-who’ve you b-been talking-ing t-to? 1)STOP LOOKING AT ME!!! 2)I-I don’t– 1)STUDDERING STANLEY STUDDERING STANLEY STUDDERING STANLEY STUDDERING STANLEY STUDDERING STANLEY! 2)SHUT UP, YOU F-F-FREAK!

1. Are you a good doctor? 2. Well… I used to be. I won an award once. From the Mayor. It had an expensive frame. 1. Congratulations.

1. I don’t tell her things. 2. Why not? 1. Cause she doesn’t look at me like everybody else does and I don’t want her to. I don’t want her to know. 2. Know what? 1. That I’m a freak.

1. Make them go away. 2. I’m working on it.

1. Once upon a time there was this person named Malcolm. He worked with children. Loved it more than anything. Then one night, he finds out he made a mistake with one of them. Didn’t help that one at all. He thinks about that one a lot. Can’t forget. Ever since then, things have been different. He’s become messed up. Confused. Angry. Not the same person he used to be. And his wife doesn’t like the person he’s become. They hardly speak at all anymore. They’re like strangers. And then one day this person Malcolm meets a wonderful boy who reminds him of that one. Reminds him a lot of that one. Malcolm decides to try to help this new boy. He thinks maybe if he can help this boy, it would be like helping that one too. 2. How does the story end? 1. I don’t know.

1. Philadelphia is one of the oldest cities in the country. A lot of generations have lived and died in this city. Almost every place you visit has a history and a story behind it. Even this school and the grounds they sit on. Can anyone guess what this building was used for a hundred years ago, before you went here, before I went to this school even? Yes, Cole? 2. They used to hang people here. 1. That’s not correct. Where’d you hear that? 2. They’d pull the people in, crying and kissing their families ‘bye. People watching would spit at them. 1. Cole, this was a legal courthouse. Laws were passed here. Some of the first laws of this country. This building was full of lawyers. Lawmakers. 2. They were the ones who hanged everybody.

1. We were supposed to draw a picture, anything we wanted. I drew a man who got hurt in the neck by another man with a screwdriver. 2. You saw that on TV, Cole? 1. Everyone got upset. They had a meeting. Mom started crying. I don’t draw like that any more. 2. How do you draw now? 1. Draw… people smiling, dogs running, rainbows. They don’t have meetings about rainbows.

1.What am I thinking now? 2.I don’t know what you’re thinking now. 1.I was thinking, you’re nice. But you can’t help me.

1.Your dad gave you that watch as a present just before he went away. 2.He forgot it in a drawer. It doesn’t work.

a:will you help me
b:i’m working on it

Anna is like my sister. And you better make her happy… And I’m not talking about no – mmhh this tastes like real butter kind of happy… I’m talking about… Julie Andrews, twirling around like a mental patient on a mountain top kind of happy now. That’s the kind of happy I’m talking about.

Anna, I know that I’ve been a little distant, all right? I know that it makes you mad. I just, feel like I’ve been given a second chance and I don’t want it to slip away.

Are you Kara’s daddy?

Are you wiggin’ out?

boy: You said the ‘s’ word.
man: sorry.

Do you know what ‘yo no quiero morir’ means? It’s Spanish. It means ‘I don’t want to die’.

Do you know why you’re afraid when you’re alone? I do. I do.

Do you want to be a Lance Corporal in Company M, third battalion, seventh Marines?

Do…do I make her proud.

Hey. You’re not a freak, OK? Don’t believe anybody that tries to convince you of that. That’s bullshit. You don’t have to go through your life believing that.

I am ready to tell you my secret now.

I meant the other Italian restaurant I asked you to marry me at.


I see dead people.

I see epitoms.

i wan’t to tell you my secret now isee dead people walking around like regular people they don’t see each other they . when do you see them cole. all the time

i want to tell you my secret now i see dead people walking around like regular people they don’t see each other they don’t know there dead. when do you see them cole. all the time

I was thinking – You’re nice. But you can’t help me.

I’m feeling much better now Mommy.

I’m tired. I’m tired in my head, I’m tired in my body, I’m tired in my heart.

Keep moving, cheese dick.

Look at my face; I was not thinking anything bad about you.

She said when you were little, you and her had a fight right before your dance recital. You thought she didn’t come to see you dance. She did.

Some magic’s real.

Stop looking a me. I don’t like when people look at me like that.


They don’t have meetings about rainbows.

Wanna play a game? It’s a mind reading game. Here’s how it works. I read your mind. If what I say is right, you take one step towards the chair. If what I say is wrong, you take one step back towards the doorway. If you reach the chair, you sit down. If you reach the door, you can go. Wanna play?

Wanna see where my dad keeps his gun?

When your mother and father were first divorced, your mom went to see a doctor like me, and he didn’t help her. So you think i’m not gonna be able to help you.

You better make her happy…I’m talkin’ like Julie Andrews spinnin’ around like a mental patient in a mountaintop happy, you hear?

You have a secret but you don’t want to tell me.

You keep pretty quiet at school but, you’re a good student, you’ve never really been in any serious trouble.

You sound like Dr. Suess when you’re drunk.

You’re worried that she told him things-things she couldn’t tell anyone else. Secrets.

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