Movie Quotes from Six-String Samurai: Quotes from the movie Six-String Samurai

1)If i were you i’d run. 2)If you were me you’d be good lookin. 1)Well, that’s not nice. GET HIM!!

1: Who are you?
2: Death.
1: Cool.

Don’t ever touch my guitar, man.

Flutter away, little butterfly. Just flutter away.

Follow the yellow brick road, homey.

If I were you I’d run!
If you were me…you’d be good looking.

if you cross that line ill cut your littel teddy bear in half.

It’s the Windmill people! Ahhh!

nice suit, nice suit to die in!

Nice tuxedo. Nice tuxedo to die in!

Only one man can kill that many Russians. Bring me his guitar.

theres only one man that can kill this many Russians.

You have failed me for the last– nice shoes!

You have failed me……hmmmm, nice shoes….

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