Movie Quotes from Sister Act: Quotes from the movie Sister Act

-Oh, oh my. What are you people a pritican order this stuff is terrible, it tastes like sh..
-Sisters. We shall spend the rest of this day in silence.
-Well, why?
-Only when are lips are silent will our prayers truly be answered.
-Then we dont have to eat this food.
-Silence begins now! Ends at sundown.
-How can you eat this stuff? Its terrible.
-mary clarence! I think you might enjoy a ritual fast.
-a ritual fno.. I don’t think I will. Look, Ill just put a little salt in it and it will be fine. Hey, pass me the salt over there.
-A fast. To think about those who have to endure without food.
-No. nononono. I don’t want you to take my plate!

1) Soprano or alto? 2) Whatever

1)I’m not going to get this. It’s too complicated for me. 2)Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it. I’ll help you! 1)Are you always this cheerful? 2)Am I? 3)Mmm-hmm. 2)Oh I am, I know it! I can’t help it. I’ve always been upbeat, perky. Even when I was a child, my mother said, ‘This girl is pure sunshine. She’ll grow up to be either a nun or a stewardess.’ Coffee? (laughs)

1)There are three vows nuns must follow. The vow of obedience… 2)Yeah, whatever. 1)The vow of poverty… 2)No problem there. 1)And the vow of chastity. 2)I am out of here.

1- This is better than ice cream! 2- Better than springtime! 3- Better than sex! (everyone looks at her) well, that’s what i heard.

4 Am rise and shine, are you crazy? I just wen to minutes ago

Alma!! *stomp stomp* Check your battery!

Bless us O Lord and these thy gifts and…yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of…no food, I will fear no…hunger, and we…thank you for this food, and…to the republic for which it stands, and by the power invested in me, I pronounce us…ready to eat.

I can’t wear this! It gives me Holster Hips!

I don’t care if you put me in a bag and bury me, just KEEP ME ALIVE!

I don’t deserve it. I haven’t earned it. You don’t earn other people’s wives’ fur coats.

I really admire you people, nuns, I mean.

I wouldn’t even tell the Pope.

It’s beautiful! Just like I knew it would be!

It’s better than sex! No, no, I’ve heard.

It’s mink. It’s purple mink Dolores!

Listen, this guy was a simple limo driver, right? He was a limo driver so maybe he made a couple of wrong turns in his life. Thats no reason it kill him! Ive NEVER seen anybody killed before except you know sometimes you pass on the freeway you see a couple of people dead, but its not the same thing!

Out of bed, you daisy head

People wish to kill you. Anyone who’s met you, I imagine.

We didn’t had electricity. Cold water. Bare feet. Those were nuns.

What’s next? Popcorn? Curtain calls?

Where are you going!?
Im going to the little nuns room nosy!!

You’re a ringer! They brought you here to replace me! Out with the old!

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