Movie Quotes from Single White Female: Quotes from the movie Single White Female

(the scene where Ally finds out Heddy has killed sam) Ally: but you didnt do it heddy you couldn’t have, why, why? Heddy: Ally he came in my mouth and then tried to beat the shit outta me cos I wanted to tell you. Now, it was an accident but, he deserved it

Gee, Hedy, I hope you never get mad at me.

Heddy: Well, he will cheat on you again, and thats a promise ok? And when he does, dont come running to me ok, cos I’ve had it with you. You’re so fucking weak

I love myself like this.

Idential twins are never really identical.

well i wasn’t that exotic in grade school. As opposed to know, right?

Where the hell have you been?

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