Movie Quotes from Silver Streak: Quotes from the movie Silver Streak

(SHE)Do you like this perfume? I mix it myself…
(HE) (Coughs)

(Station Security over P.A.) Your attention please… May I have your attention please. You are requested to walk to the nearest exit as quickly as possible. Please do not run. Walk as quickly as possible to the nearest exit.

–Do you really edit sex manuals?
–I really, ready do, but I have a confession to make. I’m much better at books on gardening.

–Don’t worry about no judge, man. This thing gonna get us to Kansas City on time.
–How about jail? Did you know that the office is right in front of us?

–I can’t pass for black!
–What’s the matter, you afraid it won’t come off?

–It ain’t gonna be too exciting, but we’ll get you there on time.
–I just want to be bored.

–Jesus Christ man! Is that how you murdered your victims, put ’em in
a car and bounce them to death?

–So this is Mr. Big.
–That’s the man.
–You ain’t saying shit now, Mr. Big.

–What do they want you for?
–Drop me off anywhere along here, okay? I don’t mess with the Big M.

1/ What you looking for?
2/ White guy
1/ Well if I see any, I’ll let you know

1/ Who the hell are you?
2/ I’m a thief, man!

Always be nasty to nastursiums.

GEORGE: (drunk) Did you kn…know that the Blainard Tunnel wa…was the highhhhest point on thiiis trip?
BOB: Yeah, I… I knew that.
GEORGE: Did youuu know that when we reach it… I intend to be higher?

GEORGE: Uh… I… I’ve never milked a cow before…
RITA: Cut the gas, Steve, you’re a grown man! (wink-nudge) I’m sure you’ve had some similar experience. HAHA!

GEORGE: What are you doing? I thought we were gonna take the Chevy out back!
GROVER: (indicates a red Jag) Chevy!? PPPFFFT! That’s a jerk-off, man! This here’s pure pussy!

GodDAMMIT, CALDWELL! Get out here!!!

Grover T. Muldoon

Hellooo, Chicago, Hell-O! Gotta drink to that!! (long swig from the flask) Yeeaaah!

How come you whities got such a tight ass, man?

I don’t know about you, but next time, I’m going to take the bus.

I give great phone!

I just want to be bored.

I know what goes where, and why.

I tell my boss that I’m afraid to fly, and I get this action twice a year! It’s a cathouse on wheels!!

I’ll slap the taste out yo’ mouth!!!

Just get in the car!

Man, I though you were an amateur, but you’re a real pro.

Mr. Devereaux- Get out of here you ignorant nigga. Grover(pulls a gun) who you callin nigga huh, you don’t know me well enough to call me no nigga, I’ll slap the taste out cho mouth. You don’t even know my name, I’ll whop yo ass, beat the white off yo ass.

My friends all told me that my wife was too good for me, and after a couple of years, I decided they were right.

Son of a bitch!

thats right we’re bad

This has been a nerve-shattering experience for me sir, I’d like to go home

We want to stop the train before Rockdale. Closest is…. the Harris Mill Junction. Contact the railroad, tell them to make out like it’s a routine emergency inspection, and have Bronsky bring his men up in choppers from the south. Get all the passengers off the train, and I don’t want any slip-ups.

We’ll make it pass the cops. I just hope we don’t see any Muslims.

What are you, a miniature alcoholic?

What do you think this is, a Western?

When you step outta here, you gotta step outta here like King-Shit!

You better do something, you idiot, because in ten minutes you’re going to have 200 tons of locomotive smashing through Central Station on its’ way to Marshall-Fields!!!

You can start with who shot Reimbrandt!

You stupid God-damn dumb bastard!

Your attention, please. May I have your attention, please. You are requested to walk to the nearest exit as quickly as possible. Please do not run. Walk as quickly as possible to the nearest exit. People waiting for the arrival of the Silver Streak on track 5 are requested to vaccate that area immediately.

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