Movie Quotes from Shadow, The: Quotes from the movie Shadow, The

(1)Am I in Hell? (2)Not yet!

–Hey, how will you know where I am?
–I’ll know.

1) Coward! Chicken! Sissy! Come out here and fight like a man! 2) You’re a fool, Claymore! Get out of my sight!

1) Margo, you don’t return my calls anymore. 2) Oh, that’s not true. I’ve never returned your calls. 1) I know. I can’t imagine why. 2) It’s because I don’t like you. 1) Fascinating woman!

1) Your life is like an open book to me. 2) Then learn how to read!

1)I dreamed I tore all the skin off my face and was somebody else underneath.
2)You have problems.
1)I’m aware of that.

1)Oh, that knife.
2)I took it from the Toku. No, no, I correct myself, I took it OUT of the Toku after I rammed it through his heart.

1)The sun is shining.
2)But the ice is slippery.

Ah, Margo, what a beautiful dress! And, such a clever neckline.

I’m not interested in your spheres, Mr. Claymore.

Lamont: Oh, that knife.

The Shadow knows.

The weed of crime bears bitter fruit!

The weed of crime bears bitter fruit.

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!

You’re drooling, Claymore.

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