Movie Quotes from Set It Off: Quotes from the movie Set It Off

alright Louise, take Thelma over there and y’all go rob some banks, if you all that

CLEO! Sit.

Dont you ever fucking raise a gun to me agin

Frankie: I nearly got blown away at your tired ass fucking bank! And you’re gonna fire me???? You couldn’t even WAIT!!!

Frankie: Well, now you got a gun at your head. What’s the FUCKING PROCEDURE when you got a GUN AT YOUR HEAD???

get back to work. Ladies. And gentlemen.

I got money

if u dont like working for luthers janitorial then wont u take your black ass home otherwise SHUT UP AND GET BACK 2 WORK

man, we aint robbin’ stage coaches, I need sumthin I can set it off with

Stoney: Everybody get the fuck down, RIGHT NOW!

Stoney: I know we aint talkin about this shit no more
Frankie: Well Im talkin, aint nobody gonna stop me talkin
SToney: well talk is cheap…….nigga

Stoney: You know! Every time we get high you start lookin’ like Sugar Bear

You didnt even bother to ask me if i was thirsty sister

you know everytime we be smokin’, you start lookin more like sugar bear

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