Movie Quotes from Separate Tables: Quotes from the movie Separate Tables

–We all make mistakes.
–You specialize in them.

1) You’re making it a bit too obvious, you know, that you hate the very sight of me. 2) The very sight of you is perhaps the one thing about you I don’t hate.

And what do I know of morals and ethics? Only what I read in novels. And as I only read thrillers, that doesn’t amount to much.

People who hate the light usually hate the truth.

The trouble about being on the side of right, as one sees it, is that one often finds oneself in the company of such very questionable allies.

We all have our daydreams. Mine has just gone a step further than most people’s.

Well, mustn’t miss the old train, what, what? I must…I must stop saying ‘What.’

You know something, Ann? No one I know lies with such sincerity.

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