Movie Quotes from Seems Like Old Times: Quotes from the movie Seems Like Old Times

#1-Aurora have you seen Mrs. Parks? #2-She’s not out in the garage eating chicken that’s for sure.

(while driving) 1)Disbarment, disbarment and disgrace are all that lie ahead! 2)That and a big truck

–Step out anyplace you want.
–Any chance of stopping the car first? How about slowing down to 55?

1) Chester, don’t honk the horn, Ms. Parks isn’t feeling well 2) Does that mean I get the day off? 3) No, it means that you get to wash all the windows, the governor is coming for dinner tonight 3) He ain’t gonna be looking at windows if he’s eatin’ dinner

1) Do you mean to tell me that you will not make Attorney General if I make the ol’ Parmigan? 2) No, that’s not what I’m saying but with your ex-husband on the loose, we’re safer with Chicken Pepperoni! 2) I’ll make it! Only don’t drive me crazy 3) I’m not driving you crazy 4) Yes you are! Anyone who forces me to make chicken pepperoni is driving me crazy….and YOU are driving me crazy

1) He was under the bed, wasn’t he? 2) I tried to tell you but you didn’t want to talk about it! 3) Glenda, saying a man is under the bed while we’re making love isn’t exactly talking about it. Instead of wasting all that time crying, you could’ve pointed to it, I would have been midly curious!

1) Hey Ira, can I kiss her goodbye? 2) No! 3) Just one little kiss 4) Time it.

1) I don’t how he got in…he got there before you! 2) He always gets there before me!

1) My god! Looks like an Italian movie! 2) Don’t start Ira, this is my second batch of pepperoni and the dogs are half-dead from tasting it.

1) Who’s recipe is this? 2) I found Aurora’s. 1) Great, honey! 2) Except it’s in Spanish. 1) Who’s going to serve? 2) Chester. 1) Chester?! There’s not going to be any left for us! 2) You think I’m going to eat this stuff?

1) You’re having a break down aren’t you? 2) A big one! It’s been coming along for a long time and THIS IS IT!!!!

1. Tell me you don’t miss the fun? 2. I don’t. 1. The laughs. 2. I don’t. 1. The pizzas in the bathtub?

Big Time Limousine coming

Do you think you could drop me off at a gas station or something-or here, heres good. i like her alot

Do you think you could drop me off at a gas station or something-or here, heres good. i like here alot

He surrendered before he was comprehended

How long can it take to scrape feet?

I breath all the time I drink plenty of water!

i got to go to da hospital to getta my feeta scraped….

I gotta get my feet a-scraped!

I was married to him before I was married to him

She’s not outside eating chicken, that’s for sure.

The indians stole my car!

This machine stole my milk duds! I haven’t eaten in three days, I want my milk duds!

Well said, well spoken.

Why did you say ‘I do’ with me when you’re still saying ‘I did’ to him?

You were right, Glen. Nobody in the world knows where we are…including us.

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