Movie Quotes from Secret Admirer: Quotes from the movie Secret Admirer

1) Jezus. 2) Jezus! 3) Jeeeeezus….

1) Just tell me one thing, Michael, where is the man who wrote me these letters? 2) Oh Debbie I’m so- whose are these?

1) Nothing happened! 2) Nothing?! ‘I long to put my arms around you’ you call that NOTHING! 3) Mom! what are you doing with my letter?! 4) Your letter? 4) I can’t believe this, what does a guy need to do to get some privacy around here!

1) Would you like to go out for some coffee? 2) Okay 3) Okay 4) But I don’t drink coffee 5) Neither do I

Get your damn hands off my daughter, fruit lips!

Good evening Mr Thimple. F*** you!

He’s got his hands on her ass. That should my hand!

Toni:Hi,It’s me. She said that she wants to meet you tonight.
Michael: Tonight? You mean tonight-tonight?

You get her pregnant, I’ll blow your dick off

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