Movie Quotes from Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed: Quotes from the movie Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed

(scooby enters holding a big pile of junk and throws it on the floor in front of shaggy)
scooby: clues!
shaggy: those aren’t clues, those are just things you want
(scooby picks up a toilet brush and sings)
scooby: scooby doo be doo…
shaggy: scoob, just because you can sing into it doesn’t make it a clue.. IT MAKES IT AWESOME!

(shaggy and scooby enter. shaggy in fred’s clothes, scooby with velma’s sweater on)
shaggy: sorry daph, your boots didn’t fit….me
(scooby dawns a leg in daphne’s purple boot)
daphne: SCOOBY! those boots SO don’t go with that sweater!

(velma is in an all leather suit and it makes a farting noise)
velma:it was my outfit, i swear

1) We’re gonna die!2) Think positive!1) We’re gonna die fast!

I can look at my self naked!

Shaggy: Scooby raise your right paw, no your right paw..Scoob your other paw!

Shaggy: So scooby do you have a conclusion? Scooby: Yeah Bunnie!

Shaggy: We have, to reamin, calm. CALM SCOOBY DOO, YOUR NOT BEIGN CALM! *Scooby smacks Shaggy* I needed that! *again* I needed that too! *Scooby punches him* YOUR PUSHING YOUR LUCK SCOOB!

shaggy:this is tied for the freakiest day of my life!
velma:tied with what?

suspected bad guy: so you’re the kids who vandalized my house! which one of you stole my toilet brush?!

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