Movie Quotes from Santa Clause 2: Quotes from the movie Santa Clause 2

1) Are you an elf? 2) No, of course not 1) Then why do you have pointy ears? 2) because when I was little I didn’t eat all my green vegetables… do you eat your green vegetables?

1)Have you ever seen a million dollars? 2)No 1)Just because you cant see it doesnt mean it doesnt exist

1. Uncle Scott, are you Santa Claus? 2. What makes you say that? 1. Because you have a reindeer. 2. Lots of people have reindeer. 1. Name five.

Bring me more cocoa!

but do i still get toys?!!!!!


Do I still get toys?

Don’t mess with me, I’m pre- El Niño!

Girl: Do you make the toys yourself? Boy: No stupid, the elves make them. Teacher: Billy, we don’t say stupid. And we don’t say elves.

santa’s feeling a little buzzed

Seeing isn’t believing, believing is seeing.

The De-Santafication process has begun!!


You’re a sad, strangle little man!

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