Movie Quotes from Safe Men: Quotes from the movie Safe Men

1) Hello. Who is this? 2) This is Big Fat Bernie Gayle Jr. 1) Well hello Little Big Fat. Could you put Big Fat Bernie Gayle Sr. on the phone? 2) Dad, phone! 3) No yelling in the house Bernard!

1) I set her up on a date with Veil Chop once. 2)I put my tongue in her mouth and she punched me in the penis.

1) Sweet ‘stash’ man 2) Thanks bro.

From the floor to the ceiling, how ya feeling? From the bris to this, he can’t miss. From the Wailing Wall to the reception hall, to all y’all. Put your hands together for Big Fat Bernie Gayle Junior.

Here comes Johnny, he’s down in the kitchen. He’s making breakfast all the live-long day. He’s got the action, re-action…

Raspberries have a fuller flavor this time of year.

You didn’t fuckin’ know you were stealin’ the Stanley Cup?

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