Movie Quotes from Running Scared: Quotes from the movie Running Scared

–You need a drink.
–No I need lots of drinks.

-I’m gonna call for backup.
-Everyone else does!

-Let’s bust ’em.
-For what?
-In this neighborhood, a Mercedes is probable cause.

-Pointing a gun at a police officer. Can we waste them for that?
-I think so.

-Why weren’t we on that track?
-Oh, now you’re going to criticize my driving?
-Well, it’s just that you get to do all the dangerous stuff, and I get
to parallel park.

1. Shall we tell the Spincter Brothers? 2. And get shot at again?

1/ Hey! the bulletproofing really works!___
2/ Thank you, Ace!!___
1/ Dammit!! I can’t wind the window down!!!___
2/ You asshole, Ace!!

1/ Hey, guess what??… I got shot!
2/ about time

1/We just got the report from the M.E. on what killed the *jumper*
2/Lemme guess…. de-celeration trauma??
3/Cement poisoning?!
1/He drowned…..
2/So… The guy could’nt swim OR fly, huh?!
3/You don’t need a cop, Leiutenant….you need a lifeguard!!!

1/You touch that girl and you’ll never be dead enough!____
2/Oh, I’m really scared

1: I brought doughnuts.
2: He brought doughnuts.
1: Yeah, I was going to bring those french things croissant but you say it wrong and boom you look stupid.

a)Let’s retire and be like normal people.
b)Normal people suck.
a)maybe, but they hardly ever get shot at.

Are you really going to Florida?

Calling all cars!!! Calling all cars!!! UFO landed on Michigan Avenue!!!

Calling all cars, calling all cars. A UFO landed on Lake Shore Drive. Crack

Can I have some more petite marshmallows in my hot cocoa?

Don’t nobody know nobody?!

Excuse me. We’re from Noisebusters. Do you know where the Menudo concert is?


Hey, this bulletproof glass really works!

How come the bad guys always have the good cars?

How come these losers never live on the ground floor?

I Know What I Want.

I’m just watching the new jeopardy and a man missed a bible question because he didn’t know what dooderonomy was. Oh nooooo.

If you hurt that lady, you’ll never be dead enough.

It’s not the voltage that gets you, it’s the amps.

Leave it. My cleaning lady comes every April.

Martinez, I said one backup! One! You bring the rose parade!

My name’s Binky. I want you to get that Hughes and Montoya, ’cause they don’t pay me no more and I’m maaad……Ohhh, you dumb guy. No, I was watching Jeopardy and a guy, he missed a Bible question, ’cause he did not know what Deuteronomy was….Mother, can I have some more petite marshmallows in my hot cocoa?

No, no, no….don’t even think about putting my Cubs hat on that head.

Now it looks like a taxi.

Promise me we’ll get robbed. A lot.

Ray Hughes is 36-years-old. I swear to God.

Ray, I’m hit!

Song *I Wanna Man Sized Love*

Stop complaining and go get ’em.

Sweet Freedom.

We lost the suspect, our keys, our car, our pants!

Why do they call you *snake* anyway……. you got a long wee-wee???

Why don’t we let him shoot us? That’s what he wants anyway. There’s a certain dignity in that. As long as we KEEP ON OUR PANTS!

You are the detectives. Go and detect.

You have the right to have a court-appointed attorney. You have a right to sing the blues. You have the right to cable TV, that’s very important. You have the right to sublet. You have the right to paint the walls, no loud colors.

You have the right to remain scilent. You have the right to a continental breakfast. You have the right to the beverage of your choice at the precinct coffie shop……..

You see, Snake, with the angle of trajectory….look who I’m talking to….Mr. S.A.T.

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