Movie Quotes from Ruling Class, The: Quotes from the movie Ruling Class, The

Ballet skirt? W-W-What was he doing in a ballet skirt?

Grace: Is Jeeves a Bolshi?

Grace: Stop riding around on that. It isn’t dignified.
Jack: Dignity has nothing to do with divinity.

Grace: You’ll knock ’em dead.
Jack: In time, My Dear, in time.

How do you know you’re God?
When I pray, I find I’m talking to myself.

I always say yes, whatever the question.

I am The AC/DC God — The High-Voltage Messiah!

I love you from the top of my head to the tip of my penis.

I put on my glasses because I feel cold.

If I saw a man eating grass, I’d say he was hungry. *They’d* have him certified.

That is a word I put into my galvanized pressure-cooker — vroom! It’s gone!

Then I shall be sane and have the papers to prove it.

Upper class excrement.

When I pray to him, I find I’m taking to myself.

You’re one of us at last. Well done, Jack!

Young ladies are showing their ankles and bosoms in public and saying rude things about the Queen!

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