Movie Quotes from Roots II: Quotes from the movie Roots II

I am a mandinkin warrior.

aint it a fine thing to be free fiddla

Chicken George(while holding his dead fighting cock, gazing at it with adoration and unbridled sadness): At least you free!

Fiddler:(to Toby) What you got in dat head O’ yours? Toby: I goin’ run Fiddler. I be free. Fiddler: No, ya don’ be free, Toby. Ya be dead. Toby: Then I be free!

i think the movie was good i need it

it is an amazing movie


my name is toby

toby be good nigga for masa.

We is free.

when your plan fails, get yourself another plan

white men smell like wet chickens.

You could have Cared!

You old African! I found you! Kunta Kinte!

You’re my niggar, George. Can’t you get that Throught Your thick soul?

Youre My Nigga, George.

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