Movie Quotes from Rookie, The: Quotes from the movie Rookie, The

#1 God damn I wanted him alive. #2 Then I should have let him kill you. #1 If I wanted him dead I would have shot him myself. Next time aim for the knee caps. #2 I was aiming for his knees.

–I want to guarantee David’s safety.
–Mr. Ackerman, if you want a guarantee, buy a toaster.

1-Next time aim for the knee caps 2-I was aiming for the knee caps.

1/ Got a light?
2/ You know, there must be a hundred reasons why you shouldn’t smoke those
1/ Well, right now I can’t think of one

1/_ Didn’t I always teach you to aim for the heart?
2/_ I was aiming for the heart

1/_ I saw you die!
2/_ Welcome to hell, asshole

1/_ It’s time for me to stop being scared and other people to start
2/_ I don’t like this?
1/_ No-one asked you to…

1/_Well, what are you two gunna do all day??? hang around here and bust my chops?? Get out there and arrest somebody…. or something!
2/_ Why the hell not?

1/_You wanna know what a real criminal is, Sarah?
2/_What are you talking about, David?
1/_Anyone who would deface a work of art with a colour like that, oughta have his ass removed

Engineered like no other car

Flattery will get you no where.

I didn’t know you were into group sex kid.

If I call in and tell them that I’ve got a guy here that’s almost twice these kids age, they’ll tell me I’m crazy. But if I don’t call in a 98 mph fastball, they’ll fire me.

If you don’t have dreams, you don’t have anything.

If you get cute I will blow that shit you call brains all over my partner.

It’s not just a job, IT’S A FUCKING ADVENTURE.

She’s perfect. #2 Oh yeah, then why does she have her badge on upside down?

There’s probably a hundered reasons why I shouldn’t blow you away, but right now, I can’t think of one of them.

Why the hell not.

Yesterday we had a six-year-old wait all day out in the rain to watch his daddy try to do something amazing. What are we telling him if you don’t go for it now?

You can’t buy me, Dad, but you sure as hell can buy me some time

You want to know what a real criminal is Ackerman? A man who paints a work of art like that car, a colour like that.

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