Movie Quotes from Romeo Must Die: Quotes from the movie Romeo Must Die

1) I can’t hit a girl!
2) Listen, I don’t know how it is in China, but in America, if a girl’s kickin’ your ass you don’t have to be a gentlemen!

1)i cant hit a woman 2)i dunno how it is in China but in America if a girl’s kicking your ass you gotta fight back!

1)your name begins with an M right? 2)yeh thats right 1)moron 2)its MAURICE!

1. Is it true what they say about Hong Kong? 2. What’s that? 1. you know that you all do Kung Fu? 2. Of course, state law

1. What is your name? 2. Do you think I want you calling me? 1. I don’t have a phone 2. Yeah well dead give away…besides, you drive like shit


American football… High Five Broder!

are you afraid i’ll catch one of your bullets?


Get your Aaliyah lookin’ ass back here!

Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

Guns don’t kill people… people kill people.

hey…someone get this man some fat free water

if this is what your gonna be about

its deed day!

Maurice:What a name for a store, that’s tight, really tight know what I’m sayin? Cool and The Gang jam from back in the day right? Trish: Earth, Wind, and Fire. Maurice: Right, right, that serious shit. Trish: Do I know you? Maurice: How you gonna play me like that? Trish: Wha? Maurice: Now you know I work for yo pops. Trish: Right, right, what’s your name again? Somethin that starts with an M right? Maurice: Yeah, yeah that’s right. Trish: Moron. Maurice: Funny it’s Maurice aight? Trish: Maurice…well Maurice dear as much as I’d love to reminsce I’m really busy right now so lets do this later aight?

Pop aint feeling me. He still wants me to ride around with training wheels and shit.

Shit, I am an idea

sorry romeo but you gotta die

sorry Romeo but you must die

That was a mistake

Well if it isn’t my little buddy Dim Sum!

You ain’t the only one that knows some shit!

You know, once Collin and I did something we thought would really be funny. He headed out front while I ran in and told my mom he had been hit by a car or something really bad like that. All I remember is my mom came running out of the house; She’s like Trish what’s wrong and…when I told her, I mean the look on her face….Even when Collin popped up to show her it was just a joke she just couldn’t stop crying. She just held him close…clutched him, ya know? I was just a baby I didn’t get it then but I get it now! 2.)Tell Me… 3.)Collin’s Dead! And no matter how hard I try…He’s not gonna pop up and show me that it’s just a joke. 4.) I’m sorry… 5.)Han I need your help…I gotta put this thing together just as much as you do now.

you will forgive me if i am not easily moved!

Your not the only one who knows some shit!

your’e an errand boy for my father-nothing!

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