Movie Quotes from Rolling Kansas: Quotes from the movie Rolling Kansas

1) WE WERE IN LOVE! 2) Come on Dink! We all loved her, she smelled like biscuits!

1) Yeah, hi, can I help you? 2) My buddy and I are looking for a size 30 pair of goofy boots. 3) A wha… a who? 2) Goofy boots. 1) yeah…uh… we’re all out of them. 2) Whats that mean? You’re all out? 1) We’re all out. 2) Well, Boner said you had some. 1) Well, Boner was wrong. 2) Listen you wankers, I think one of you is lying to me, and if i find out that its you…I’ll come back here and cut your fuckin eyes out. 3) Austrialian people are mean.

Goofy boots? Man, we gotta find a better name for our weed…

Kevin you think you’re gay?! I think I speak for all of us when I say WHAT THE FUCK???

Magical forest of Marijuana

Oh, Jesus… who invited Seacow and Fattie?

You clumsy silverback watch my FUCKING legs

Page Topic: Movie Quotes from ‘Rolling Kansas’: Quotes from the movie ‘Rolling Kansas’

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