Movie Quotes from Rocky III: Quotes from the movie Rocky III

#1- How much do you think he eats? #2- About 202 pounds.

#1- What goes on inside your head? Anything normal function? #2- Yeah a few, a few. #1- I don’t think so becuse to fight a creature like this you’ve got to have about a hundred pounds of brain damage.

#1-You’re wearing your anatomy out for charity; nobody else does this much for charity. #2-Bob Hope would. #1-That’s true.

(Clubber as he brutaly pummels Rocky) Come on Balboa! (bash..bash) Made me wait! (bash…bash) Come on Balboa! (bash …bash…bash)

–Nobody would do something like this for charity.
–Bob Hope would.

1)I don’t like these people! 2)maybe they don’t like you either Paulie…. 1)What’d I did to them?

1)Lets call it off. 2)Hey, its for charity. 1)Nobody’d do this much for charity. 2)Bob Hope would. 1)…You’re right.

1)What do you think he eats? 2)About 202 pounds. —Announcer)..weighing 202lbs, the Heavyweight Champion of the World, Rocky Balboa!!

1)What do you think we’re gonna do when its all over? 2)I don’t know. Maybe join the circus.

1)When this is over, you are going to owe me a favor. 2)What Favor?

1)You Wanna Ring The Bell 2)DING DING

1. Beautiful 2. Definitely a thing of beauty

1/_Gunna bust you up!
2/_Go for it!

1/_How’d you get so tough?
2/_I live with a fighter

1/_Why’d you leave… why’d you walk away like that?!
2/_Life’s too short, kid
1/_Where’re you going?
2/_On a permanent vacation
1/_What are you talking about, we got one more fight
2/_Not *we*, you!
1/_Why’re you doin this?….. I said, why’re you doing this!
2/_Because you can’t win, Rock!… this guy’ll kill ya to death inside o’ three rounds!
1/_You’re crazy!
2/_What else is new?!
1/_He’s just another fighter
2/_No he ain’t just another fighter, this guy is a wreckin’ machine and he’s hungry. Hell, you aint been hungry since you won that belt!
1/_Aw whaddiya talking about? I’ve had 10 title defences!
2/_They was easy!
1/_Whaddiya mean *easy*?
2/_They was hand-picked!
2/_Naw, they weren’t set-ups, they was good fighters, but they weren’t killers, not like this guy. He’ll knock you into tomorrow, Rock!
1/_Geez Mick, why’d ya do it?
2/_Because the beating you got from Apollo shoulda killed ya, kid… but it didn’t… and it was my job to keep ya winning and to keep ya healthy.
1/_You really don’t think I got nothing left, do you?
2/_Well Rock, let’s put it this way, 3 years ago you were supernatural, you was hard and you was nasty and you had this cast-iron jaw… but then, the worst thing happened to you that could happen to any fighter… you got civilized… but don’t worry kid, Presidents retire; Generals retire; horses retire; man ‘o’ war retire, they put ’em out to stud, that’s what you shoulda done… retire

1/_You know something, stallion, it’s too bad we gotta get old, huh?
2/_Ahh just keep swinging, Apollo

CLubber Lang – Go One CREED I don’t need no has been inm my cornor
Apolo With a threating look on his face
Clubber Lang Get that Look off your face before I punch it off!

And they call me punchy

and you better wipe that bad look off your face before i knock it off

Apollo Creed: Now, when you beat me, you beat me by one… ONE… second. Now do you know what something like that does to a man of my intelligence?
Rocky Balboa: I thought you said you got over it.
Apollo Creed: I lied.

Appolo who!? YOU talkin’ bout that old fool Appolo Creed!? Shucks, one has-been teachin’ another. All Appolo been doin is runnin’ off with the mouth lately, and when I see’em I’m gonna close it for ’em.

Balboa’s so predictable and stupid, the man comes straight ahead.
He’s taylor made for me, and he’s gonna get hurt!

Because you CAN’T win Rock! this guy will kill you to death inside of three rounds. You’re crazy! What else is new. He’s just another fighter! No he ain’t just another fighter! This guy is a wrecking machine, and he’s hungry, hell you ain’t been hungry since you worn that belt

Blast off Meatball

Can he swim? With a name like Rock?

can i talk to you i wanna ask you somehing important and i want you to tell me the truth.. what? whyd you come here? i just dont want t no more.. its over cuz u want it to be over im glad .. i do.. its just u never quit nethin since i known you i dunno wat u want me 2 say i mean wwwhat happened how did everythin dat was so good get so bad? wat so bad? tell me what.. i wrecked everythin for not thinkin for my self

Clubber:(To Apollo) Hey boy! Hey boy! After I crucify him, You next!
Apollo: Stay outta my face chump!
Clubber: Don’t turn yo back on me sucka!!

Dammit man, what the hell you doin’?? This guy will knock you on your ass!…. C’mon Rock, this is not a game! You wanna end up in hospital for five weeks this time??!! You thought I was tough?! this guy’ll kill ya!!

Damn, man! What the hell are you doing?! This guy will knock you on your ass! You thought I was tough, this chump will kill you.

Ding Ding

Don’t turn your back on me sucka!!!

Get out my face, don’t need nothin’ you aint got no more, don’t need no has-been messin’ in my corner…and ya better get that bad look of ya face before I knock it off!! Come on former chump… Chump…come on Creed… come on… Yea.. just like a chicken you better run…

Get out while you can?!?! Don’t give this sucker a statue, give him guts. I told you I wasn’t goin’ away. You had your chance, now give me mine.

Gettin’ out while ya can?! Don’t give this sucka no statue, Give him GUTS! I told you I wasn’t gonna wait, you had your shot, now give ya mine!

Hard words from a hard man!

He’ll knock you into tomorrow Rock!

He’ll knock you to tomorrow Rock.

Hey BOY… Hey BOY… after I crucify him..YOUR NEXT!!!!

Hey foo’ you ready for another beatin’…YOU SHOULDA NEVER CAME BACK!

Hey Pauly, don’t get mentally irregular, alright!?

Hey sucka, Balboa you Bum! You’re finished, you’re through, ya washed up, I’m the baddest in the world!

Hey! Shut up ya sterno bums, I’ll squash ya! There’s decent people tryin’ to sleep!

i dont like theese know what paulie,maybe they dont like you.what did i do to them

I dunno I dunno what do you say to sometime like this

I gotta lotta mo

I reject the challenge because Balboa is no challenge!

I TOLD YA GET OUT OF MY FACE!!! ( Clubber smashes the reporters camreas out of thier hands to the floor)

i want a shot at the title, if balboa has the cuts he will meet me in the ring or anywhere else, i live alone, i train alone, i win the title alone, i want him, he cant duck me forever, he can run, but he cant hide!

i want balboa! i want balboa! you see that old man, you tell balboa im coming for him, nobody can beat me, you tell him what i said, hes next, im going to kill him, nobody cab beat me, you tell balboa that, im coming after him!

i want balboa, i want balboa

I’m a beat you like a dog!

I’m gonna hurt him, and I’m gonna crucify him…..real bad.

I’m the champion of the world and nothing can be done about that. I can’t be beat and I won’t be beat. This time I’m gonna train even harder.. it won’t be no quick knock down…. I’m gonna touture him ….I’m gonna crucify him… REAL BAD!!

I’m the champion of the world, ain’t nothing can be done about that, I can’t be beat and I won’t be beat. This time I’m gunna train even harder, this time there won’t be any quick knockdowns. I’m gunna torture him, I’m gunna crucify him… real bad

It ain’t that bad! Knock me out champ!

knock his block off

ladies and gentlemen the winner by knockout in one of the most unbelievable comebacks in history, once again the heavywieght champion of the world the italian stallion, Rocky Balboa

let me tell you something paulie,you aint down,and you aint no loser.Your just a jealous,lazy bum

listen its quiet isnt it when you retire its to quiet i mean we to young to retire anyway besides with the rite touch i can promote this thing to be the biggest gate of all time itll be bigger than ours heaven knows i dont mind bein involved with large numbers rite? i dont need this no more i dont want this no more,,, look man wen you beat me i hurt all over and i didnt wanno no from nothim on nobody not even my kids hell every fighter knows dat hurt and we get sick inside tryin to live with it so dont back off now make it rite for urself or ul be sorry u didnt. we held the greatest title in the whole world babe u lost that fight rock for all da rong reasons u lost your edge allright i no ur manager diein had you all messed up inside but the truth is you didt have it wen we fought u had the eye of the tiger man the edge and now you gotta get it bak and the way to get it back is to go to the beginin you know wut i mean

Mick!? Whabpplfdfdfdfdfdftrt, oh god, orefsfsvbplmnze, oh! Oh!

Mick: why don’t you get the hell outta there. Clubber: Shut up old man, I aint goin nowhere. And why don’t you tell all these nice people why you’ve been ducking me. Politics, man! This country’s trying to keep me down, keep everybody weak. They don’t want me to be champion ’cause I’m no puppet like that fool up there.

Mick?….dgdgdgsgsg. Ahhhhhh….ahyudgdgdgd….please don’t….dhshshshaha….we got more ta do….we got…gdgsgsgah…..

MICKEY: I’m goin’ on a permanent vacaton.
ROCKY: What’re you talkin’ about? We got one more fight!
MICKEY: No, not we. You.

Mickey: Let’s get out of here.
Rocky Balboa: Aw, c’mon Mick, it’s for charity.
Mickey: You’re wearing your anatomy out for charity. Nobody else does this much for charity.
Rocky Balboa: Bob Hope would.
Mickey: [pause, nods] That’s true.

My mom hit harder than you.

never better, never better

No i Dont hate Balboa, but i pity the Fool and i will destroy any man who tries to take what i got!

No, I don’t hate Balboa. I pity the fool.

No,I don’t hate Balboa, but I PITTY DA FOOL….and I will destroy any man that tries to take what I got!


Now when we fought, you had the eye of the tiger, man, the edge! and now you gotta get it back, and the way to get it back is to go back to the beginning, you know what I mean?


Question: What’s your prediction for the fight?
Answer: Prediction? . . . Pain!

Remember stallion, you fight great…but im a great fighter

Remember, You fight great but I’m a great fighter….

Rocky: Hey, maybe after the match, we can get a Polaroid together? THunderlips: GRRRRRRRRR!!!!!
After the match
Rocky: How about that Polaroid I was taking about?
THunderlips: rubs his chin.. Sure.

Rocky: Why are you doing this? Mick: cause you can’t win Rock! This guy’ll kill ya ta deth insida three rounds! Rocky: your crazy. Mick: What else is new? Rocky He’s just anutha fighta. Mick: No-e-aint just anutha fighta. This guy is a wrecking machine, and he’s hungry. Hell you aint been hungry since you’ve won that belt. Rocky Whattaya talkin about I had ten title defenses. Mick: That-was- easy! Rocky: Whattaya mean easy? Mick: They was HAS-BEENS!!! Rocky: Setups? Mick: Nah, they weren’t setups. they was good fighters but they aint killers like this guy. He’ll knock you tomoroowww Rock.

Shut up old man, I ain’t goin’ nowhere!

sometime charity really hurts

sometimes charity really hurts

the ulimate male against the ultmate meatball

The Ultimate Male verses the Ultimate Meatball!!

the wort thing happened to you tat can happen to any fighter you got civilized

They do because they want to do.

They don’t want a man like me to have the title because I’m not a puppet like that fool up there!

Three years, did you ever give me a job? This, you gave me this stinkin’exlex watch, this!

tomorow ill doit tomoro there is no tomorow!! there is no tomorow!!

WE HAVE GOOD THINGS,WE HAVE MONEY!!all we need is the truth.alright you wanna break me down alright im afraid.

We held the greatest title in the whole world, babe!

We’ll do it tomorrow. There IS NO Tomorrow!

What did you say, Paper Champion? I’ll beat you like a dog! A Dog!

What`s the matter with you?!!

why are they carryin him? hes walkin

Why they carring him? He’s WALKIN’

Y’all a bunch of parisites and leeches….get outa here!

Ya hear that old man?! You tell Balboa I’m comin’ for him, nobody can beat me! you tell him what I say! he’s next, I’m gonna kill, nobody can stop me! ya tell Balboa that, I’m comin’ after him!you tell him!

Yo Adrian, i was wonderin what u was doin the next 40/50 years. i was wonderin if u wouldnt mind marryin me too much.

You aint down and you aint a loser, You’re just a jealous lazy bum.

You aint so bad. you aint so bad

You can’t win, Rock. This guy will kill ya to death.

You didn’t push him into anything. He was a grown man & he did what he had to do. And you have no right to feel guilty for what happened, you DON’T! You were champion & you did what you were expected to do. And you did what I and everybody else, thought you should do. But it doesn’t matter what I tell you, it doesn’t matter because you’re the one who’s got to carry that fear around inside you. Afraid that everyone is gonna take things away. Afraid that you’re gonna be remembered as a coward. That you’re not a man anymore. Well, none of it’s true. But it doesn’t matter what I believe because you’re the one who’s got to settle it. Get rid of it. Because when all the smoke is cleared & everyone’s through chanting your name…it’s just going to be us. And you can’t live like this, we can’t live like this. This is going to bother you for the rest of your life…look what it’s doin’ to you now.

You don’ wanna go out in style, go out in one piece! Now let’s get the hell out of here. Let’s get back to the old gym, will ya. Let’s get some blood and sweat and tears going. Can we do that?

you don’t know who you are anymore

You remember where you came from, you remember what it took to get you here, and you remember what he did to you last time.

You see that look in their eyes, Rock? When we fought, I trained hard but I didn’t have that look in my eyes… you *had* it and you won…. Eye Of The Tiger, man, Eye Of The Tiger!

You wanna wack me? Come on I don’t sweat you, I don’t sweet you. 2) Come on Paulie why don’t you screw your head on right…

your a bum balboa….
hey balboa…. I really like your locker!

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