Movie Quotes from Rocket Man: Quotes from the movie Rocket Man

‘Fun’ is my Chinese neighbors middle name!

can i call u paul? are we there yet? How far? Can i park it?….NOO!

Commander Overback)Don’t you EVER CALL ME LITTLE BILLY! Fred) That’s no way to talk to your mother!

Five minutes before the official work day; that’s five minutes to save the world.

Fun is my Chinese neighbor’s middle name

give it a little gas…

He’s packin his own underwear now.

here we go gary….be brave! why dont you try walking?

I cant help cutting you off commander, but why does Astronaut Randall look like a blue smurf?

i feel like a palentologist huntin dinosuars my whole life and finally got to meet one!

i feel like the cowardly lion…If iiii coould be kiing of thaaa fooresst….then id ruff and id ruff…whyd dont u just say thanx for the cool coin bud, it means alot….oh, thanx for the cool coin bud, what was the rest?

I have to go tinkle.

I’ll see you in 8 months… I wish had $928 everytime a girl said that to me

It Burns The Flesh

It looks like a giant blueberry!

It wasn’t me!

It wasn’t me! It was the hairy one!….Well It’s abvious that he’s very sorry and he doesn’t want to talk about it anymore.

It wasn’t me!! (Points frantically at person next to him)

ive got the whole world in my hands…now in chinese!

John Jacob Jingle Himer Schmit, His name is my name too!!!!!!!!

Julies doing her Old Yeller impression! Ma, I dont want old yeller to die!

Just because we’re going to Mars we have to take along a guy from Mars?!?!

Little Dr. Zaius…

mom-i made you peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! heres alittle moon and little rocket!! fred- mom! im a grown man!……ill take the rocket.

Mommy’s here little Billy!

mommy…I want my mommy…


NOOOO!! Not the hairy one! Take Me!!!!

Now I’m going to enter these coordinates with what I like to call, the RIGHT way.

Smn! Gts! Atm!

somebody stole my pants

Sweet Alaskin asparagus tips!

Sweet swirling onion rings!

Tale as old as time Ulysses, boy falls for girl, girl falls for boy, girl goes into hyper-sleep. HAHAHA

that came outta nowhere….look out sally

Ugh, 8 month old morning breath

watch this you popcorn geek

Well it looks like its just you and me my little Ewok.

What kind of laptop do you have?

when you wish upon a starrr….makes no difference who you are…

You hairy little bed stealer

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