Movie Quotes from Rock Star: Quotes from the movie Rock Star

1.)I was so sorry to hear about your dog 2.)Pookie? 1.)yeah it was horrible i sent flowers and a card

Are those your breasts?…..I don’t know….Their facsinating…..Thanks thats just what I was going for

did you really think kim was a girl?

Dude, do I have too much foundation on?

Dude, I just keep putting this shit on until I want to fuck myself!

Follow your dreams man…follow your dreams because we all die young!

get your own life. stop trying to be bloody elvis.
except elvis was the king.
and i’m just the queen. very funny. ha bloody ha. bastards. you bastards.

I got my voice eatin’ pussy man. I eat loads of it, tons!

i love you man, but you’re mental, you really are.

Just keep your dick out of my ass whenever i see fit. – Ghoade (Zakk Wylde)

Look, you start out with the best intentions but theres just so much pussy coming at you every single day that finally it wears you down. You see you’ve got all these birds out there dreaming about having it off with you and that makes the guys wanna be you, and its the guys who buy the records. So if the chicks dont want you the guys are gone. You live the fantasy other people only dream about, so my advice to you is dream big and live the life.

Maybe you can make me some pants like his…or did your girlfriend already rip out the seats in the Dodge?

Sit and Spin…

This next song I would like to dedicate to some one who when i first met ripped my heart out and put it through a bloody blender

well if it isn’t yoko ono and the fag five..

you’re gay?
no i got both my nipples pierced because i’m john fucking wayne.

you’re gay? no i got both my nipples pierececd and bought a house in morocco because i’m fucking john wayne.

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