Movie Quotes from RoboCop 3: Quotes from the movie RoboCop 3

(Japanese man says a bunch of stuff in Japanese) 1)What did he say? 2)Your fired.

1. How can I help you officer?
2. By Resisting Arrest!

1. I’m sorry for the intrusion sir. Is there anything Security Concepts can do?
2. Security Concepts, can kiss my freckled BUTT! YOU’RE FIRED!!

1. If you want to get in here, you’re going to have to shoot through us first.
2. I haven’t got a problem with that.

Don’t count on it chump!


Go home, young lady. You are in violation of curfew.

I’ll make you a deal. You wanna eat the tie, keep it up.

Murphy:You are under arrest for assault on police officer. OTOMO slices off his fingers. And for destruction of police property.

my friends call me merphy you call me Robocop

Officer 1:You arrest him!
Officer 2:Why do I always have to arrest them?
Criminal:Aren’t you gonna to arrest me?

She said ‘no’. Maybe you have a hearing problem.

some though cop I am, huh, partner?

You called for backup?

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