Movie Quotes from Road to Utopia: Quotes from the movie Road to Utopia

–Am I dead?
–I can’t tell, you always look that way.

–Can’t you suppress it somehow?
–Frighten me.
–I can’t, I haven’t got a mirror.

–Experience is the best teacher.
–Oh, experience is the best teacher, huh?
–Naturally, and I’m a Ph.D.

–I’ll have a lemonade…in a dirty glass.

After loosing an amateur singing contest, Hope to Crosby, NEXT TIME I’LL BRING SINATRA!

last line, to audience: We adopted him.


Put it there, pal.

the postman always rings twice

Upon Crosby’s first entrance, Hope to Lamour, AND I THOUGHT THIS WAS GONNA BE AN A PICTURE!

Would you?

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