Movie Quotes from Rio Lobo: Quotes from the movie Rio Lobo

1) Colonel McNally! Sorry to diturb you, sir. 2) You were told to, weren’t you, Lieutenant? 1) Yes sir. 2) Well, you would have been a lot sorrier if you hadn’t.

1.) I should have taken you this morning. 2.) You should’ve tried

1: You keep calling me Frenchy. I’m also half Mexican. 2: Well, which half was kneelin’, and which half was kissin’ her hand?

Don’t worry, you’ll be the first to die.

Don’t you worry, Ketcham. You’re gonna be the first to die!

Give ‘Em Hell, John!

Hmm, he’s heavier than a baby whale.

Hornets! Hornets!

Jack Elam to Duke: You don’t mind if I shoot, do you?
It makes me feel better.

Ketcham, we promised you in a trade. But we didn’t say what condition you’d be in!

Train is its way!

Turn around Sheriff, I want you to see who kills you!

Well, if you’d been a good actor, I wouldn’t have used it.

You’re the outfit that’s been taking our gold shipments.

Your gonna get accidentlt shot

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