Movie Quotes from Richie Rich: Quotes from the movie Richie Rich

1) I’m gonna throw you into my mouth. 2) In your mouth? 1) In my mouth. 2) In your mouth? 1) Don’t worry. It’s large enough.

1-And this time, make sure the gloves come off. 2-Gloves, sir? 1-It’s a metaphor, hamhead!

1. Man did u fart? 2. Whoever smelt it delt it. 1. Whoever denyed it supplied it!

1/_How do you put up with me?
2/_Well, you do have 70 billion dollars
1/_Is that the only reason???

1/_It is my job to protect him
2/_Very well, but if you touch him like that again, it is YOU who will need protection!

First rule of defense: always watch your rear.

Holy shit who left this condomn here!

Money is fun!

Mr.Van Dough,you’re fired!

Open it now. Open it!

That’s not a house, it’s a whole hood!

Who you callin’ an idiot?

You have your own Mcdonalds?

you’re going to blow up Mount Richmore?

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