Movie Quotes from Revenge of the Pink Panther: Quotes from the movie Revenge of the Pink Panther

–I had to do something to keep busy. besides, a first-rate joint like this can make three, four hundred thousand a year.
–Is that net?
–No, gross.

–It’s so obvious, it’s bound to be a trap.
–That is why you’ll never be a great detective, Cato. It’s so obvious that it could not possibly be a trap.

–Oh, my God.
–Mine too.

–Who were those men who tried to kill you?

Cato: Please, boss! I thought you were dead!
Clouseau: So as a tribute to my memory, you open this… this Chinese nookie factory?

Clouseau:Now, this time *I’m* going to stand on *your* shoulders!
Cato: What good will that do?
Clouseau: Because I’m taller than you are, you fool!

Hey Mama Mia. Spaghettini du Al Pacino!

how can an idiot be a policeman?

I call this one ‘Wino and Roses.’

I’m a little short.

If you want to catch the French Connection meet me tonight at eleven o’clock.

Move’em Out.

Now, this time *I’m* going to stand on *your* shoulders! 2) What good will that do?
1) Because I’m taller than you are, you fool!

[about Clouseau]
Police Commissioner: You knew him intimately.
Chief Insp. Dreyfus: I hated him intimately!

[dressed as Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, and singing]
Clouseau: Thank heaven for the little girls. They keep getting smaller every day.

Page Topic: Movie Quotes from ‘Revenge of the Pink Panther’: Quotes from the movie ‘Revenge of the Pink Panther’

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