Movie Quotes from Revenge of the Nerds: Quotes from the movie Revenge of the Nerds

(1) Are all nerds as good as you? (2) Yes, because all jocks think about is sports. All we think about is sex!

(1) Remember, there’s 6,127 students at Adams, 58% of which are girls. (2) So, that’s 7,107.32 boobs.

(1)Dean, we’ve got a big game coming up, and I don’t want my boys’ minds worried about where their gonna live.
(2)They should have thought of that before they burnt their house down.

(1)Did you get in her pants?
(2)She’s not that kind of a girl, Booger.
(1)Why, does she have a penis?

(1)Hello Lewis (2)Hey Gilbert…Did you find a house? (2)No…I met a girl though. (1)Gilbert! (2)Her name is Judy. (1)Judy is a nice name Gilbert. (2)Yah…she’s a nice girl. (3)Big Deal did you get in her pants? (2)She’s not that kind of girl Booger (3)Why does she have a penis?

(Booger during the panty raid) Out of my way mama, I want to see some of that muff!

(Poindexter) Wait…Wait…would you rather live in the ascendency of a society or in its decline? (Omega Mu Girl) Poindexter, are we going to Fuck, or what?

1) Does anyone else have a date for the party? 2)I’ve got one. 3) But that’s with a guy. 1) How about you Booger? 3)I’ve been combing the local high schools all day

1) Its Liquid Heat. 2) Ah, it burns!! 1) You should feel it when I don’t mix it with water.

1. Oh! I sink I have a frush! 2. What the fuck is a frush? says nerds get out, 2. what is nerds? 1. we are

1:Iam tired of watching Betty 2: are you kidding Takashi how can you get tired of that ass Takashi? 1:I see your point

1:It’s no use it’s inhuman 2: Oh no it’s not inhuman, only humans can be inhuman

1:NERDS!!!!! 2:where? 3:I think there talking about us 2: No way 1:NERDS NERDS NERDS NERDS……..

1:Times are chaging Betty, these nerds are a threat to are way of life 2:if they win homecoming they’ll take over the greek council 1: and then will be up to are necks in nerd shit

1:Try not to break to many hearts eh Lewis 2: That hasn’t been a real problem yet dad 1:your going to make some lucky girl very happy, your smart easy going, got your father’s good look’s and you got a great sense of humer

1:What are you looking at nerd!!!! 2: I thoght I was looking at my mother’s old dueshbag but that’s in Ohio

1:You know guy’s were never going to get a fair shake as long as Stan Gabel is president 2:but to become president you have to win the home coming carnival 3:thats right Arnold thats exactly what were going to do

A nerd saw me naked!

A: Who cares, did you get in her pants?
B: She’s not that type of girl.
A: Why? Does she have a penis?

Booger: Big deal did you get into her pants?
Gilbert: She’s not that kind of a girl booger
Booger: Why does she have a penis?

Burning down the house.

But you can’t just drop me off in a gymnasium it’s like were refugee’s from the war

clap your hands everybody, and everybody clap your hands

did u get in her pants shes not that kind of girl booger why does she have a penis

Do you want to do it on the moon?

feel anything yet,takashi,no boogerim feeling nosing at all!



Hey guys wonderjoints

HOw are you feeling Takashi? ..OOOOOOO FUCKIN GREAT!!!

I designed the javelin for Lamar’s limp-wristed throwing style.

I say we blow the fuckers up!

I say we blow the fuckers up.

I sink i have a frush. What the fuck is a frush.(showing)frush. oh no, i have two sevens, and two sevens beats a frush. Oh sank you. (takes money)

I think we’ve got a good thing going here and Iam not going to let em take it away

I thought I was looking at my mother’s old douche-bag, but thats in Ohio.

I’m in a difficult situation here, I mean after all, you’re nerds.

Isn’t college great, its going to be a great year

Jocks only think about sports, nerds only think about sex.

Kneel, gentlemen

Lamar: I have a date. Booger: Yea, but that’s with a guy.

looks my moms old douchbag, but thats in ohio.

No one’s really gonna be free until nerd persecution ends.

Oh no.. not the moo’s.. they’re a bunch of pigs.

Orge, you asshole.

pound that pussy till it stinks

SHit we forgot to pratice.

Some people can create with there hands but when your working with a computer you got to build something with your mind, if your good you can do something that no one’s ever seen before

Stan Gable: What are you looking at, nerd?
Booger: I thought I was looking at my mother’s old douchebag, but that’s in Ohio.

That’s my pie!

Their action tonight demands an immediate retaliation. And, if we don’t, we’re nothing but the nerds they say we are.

This is Bullshit I want bush pan down **screams** WE’VE GOT BUSH WE’VE GOT BUSH, ohh I’ll drink to that

This is bullshit, i want bush, pan down. We’ve got bush… we’ve got bush.

Those nerds are a threat to our way of life!

We are the champions.


We’ve got bush

We’ve Got Bush —- by Booger

We’ve got bush!!!

What about you Gilbert, do you have a date yet? (Booger) I’ve been out combin the high school’s all day!

What the fuck are ‘robster craws’?!

What the fuck is a frush?

When you were a baby lying in your crib and your father looked down on you he had but one wish….that one day you would grow to be a man. Well look at you now! You just got your asses whooped by a bunch of goddam nerds…NERDS! If I was you I would do something about it. I would go out there and redeem myself in the eyes of my father, my maker and my coach!

Why don’t you fucking people learn how to spell correctly!!?!?

Yeah well I’ve got two 7s and two 7s beats a frush

You college guys are all alike, all you really care about is getting laid. I wish I was going with you.

You guys are welcome to stay here as long as you like….or at least until basketball season.

You just got your asses WHIPPED, by a buncha goddamn nerds.

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