Movie Quotes from Red River: Quotes from the movie Red River

By watching his eyes. Remember that.

Don’t tell me what to think. I’ll take your orders about work but not about what to think.

Some day you’ll turn around and I’ll be there…I’m gonna kill ya, Matt.

Take ’em to Missouri, Matt.

There are only two things that are better than a gun: a Swiss watch and a woman from anywhere. Ever had a good…Swiss watch?

There are three times in a man’s life when he ought to yell at the moon: when he gets married, when the kids come, and when he finishes
a job he was set on.

You better marry that girl, Matt.

You brought nothing into the world and you’re certainly taking nothing out.

You see, the story of the Red River D started this way….

You was wrong, Mr. Dunson.

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