Movie Quotes from Red Heat: Quotes from the movie Red Heat

#1 All right are you going to cut the shit. You were talking to that jazzball so long I was thinking of having my head shaved! #2 Could be good idea.

#1 Come on, everybody knows the 44Magnum is the big boy on the block. Why do you think Dirty Harry uses it? #2 Who is Dirty Harry?

#1 Danko. #2 Your welcome. Ha Ha Ha Ha!

#1 Gallagher! #2 Yo! #1 Taxi service.

#1 How come I get all the shit jobs? #2 Because it fits you Ridzick.

#1 How did you get that piece through customs? #2 Diplomatic immunity. #1 Great, that restores my faith in airport security.

#1 What, did you retire your uniform? #2 I now work undercover. #1 Undercover? You look like Gumby! You’ll fit right in.

(After killing Viktor at train tracks) Ridzik: Nice grouping of your shots! Danko: Thank you! Ridzik: You’re welcomed! Danko: I still like Russian model better.

–Tea, please.
–In a glass with a lemon.
–I saw Doctor Zhivago.

-Chinese find way. Right after revolution, they round up all drug dealers, all drug addicts, take them to public square and shoot them in back of head.
-Ah, it’d never work here. Fucking politicians wouldn’t go for it.
-Shoot them first.

-I have car under control.
-Yeah, I’m sure they taught you all about cars and the price of insurance at your famous Russian school in Kiev.
-In socialist countries, insurance not necessary. State pays for

-Revolutionary political leaders like myself are incarcerated to keep us quiet.
-What is your political crime?
-I robbed a bank.

1,gimme 50 bucks 2,sorry? 1,letme make it simple for you numb nuts you give me 50 bucks or i take my pete roast here and f***ing mutilate your car. 2,do you know miranda? 1,never heard of the bitch 2(punch in face clean out!)

A: Do you know Miranda?
B: Never heard of the bitch

Any country that can survive Stalin can certainly handle a little dope.

Been real hot lately. Nothing hotter than Chicago in August.

Danko, that was a famous Chicago landmark!

Don’t get nervous. I do this for a living.

Good luck. Farewell.

Hey, Gumby! Honk if you need me.

I give up. This whole thing is very Russian.

I have car under control.

I want an autopsy right away!

I was very wrong about the downside.

I’m gonna get us something from all four food groups: hamburgers,
french fries, coffee, and doughnuts.

I’ve got to apologize for my partner, Captain. You see, he’s just naturally suspicious,

I’ve got to apologizwe for my partner, Captain. You see, he’s just naturally suspicious.

Nice work, Gumby.

Oh, great. We got a pro basketball team coming toward us. With guns!

Oh, yeah? I had Chicken Kiev at my sister’s wedding.

Ridzik: Nice grouping of your shots. Danko: Thank you! Ridzik: You’re welcomed! Danko: I still like Russian model better!

Soviet method is more economical.

Soviet Podbyrin 9.2 millimeter is world’s most powerful handgun.

The lawyer I got makes ACLU look like Nazis.

The people have many needs.

The people have many needs. One is law and order. Other? Entertainment.

The third floor looks like Beirut!

This is no game!

Ultimately, we’re all dead men.

Very strange city. The crime is organized, the police is not.

Viktor set us up!

Watch it! Watch it!

We are police officers, not politicians.

You know anything about 11st and State? I’ll take you there and book you for accessory to murder.

You look like Marvin Hagler to me…I LOST MONEY ON HAGLER!

Your gun, Captain!

[To Arnold Schwarzenegger] Undercover? You look like Gumby.

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