Movie Quotes from Real McCoy, The: Quotes from the movie Real McCoy, The

–Do you think that jerk Roy do a better job raising your boy than you?
–At least Roy is his father. At least he has a chance of a normal
life with him.
–Normal? What’s not normal about getting on an airplane with your
mom and go down to Rio with three million bucks?

–Nobody uses Betamax anymore.–What? Oh. They do in Nigeria, Betamax capital of the world.

–What the hell are you gonna do with 152 dollars? We’re taking
eighteen Goddamn million dollars out of here on Thursday!
–I know that. I just don’t wanna split my 152 dollars four ways.

a) Nobody buys Beta max anymore. b) In Nigeria they do. Hell, Beta max’s the capital of the world in Nigeria.

a) You didn’t load the gun? b) You told me to buy it, you didn’t tell me to load it.

How many of these creeps have you got in your life?

I didn’t need a gun. I robbed banks when nobody was in them.

I think I just went into a higher tax bracket, buddy.

Jack Schmidt cost me six years of my life.

Mama taught me never trust a woman.

Not if you break the job into three separate stages you won’t.

We’re rich. Let’s go to Rio.

You violate your parole in any way, you are back in the can. Do you understand me?

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