Movie Quotes from Rat Race, The: Quotes from the movie Rat Race, The

1)-all you have to do is walk across the floor, and slip on that glass 2)(gibberish)1)yea, you might get hurt.but it’s a risk i’m willing to take…

1)dad i gotta go to the bathroom. 2)cant u wait?1)dad i gotta go real bad 2) well then $hit out the window

Cad Driver: You want to take the highway, but i want to take my short cut….WHY DON’T WE FLIP A COIN!

Enrico: Look at this room. Such a beautiful room…Have you seen this room? Randy: YES! WE’RE IN IT!!!!

LOOK a drifter, lets kill him!

look, I’ve won a coin, a golden coin!

Randy: I like your dike…I mean bike!

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