Movie Quotes from Pure Country: Quotes from the movie Pure Country

dusty: what are you gonna do tonite
bestfriend: im gonna sit right cheer and finsih down this 6 pack, go out on the town, go find me a fiiiiinne lookin women, a wife for a nite

Earl! What are you doing? Earl: I just wanted to feel like I was out in California.

Funny little thing about that white speck on top of chicken shit. It’s still chicken shit

Hey DW, did ya hear that? He wants to take ropin’ lessons!

I quit singin’ for 3 bars – 3 bars and nobody even noticed.

I’m tired – tired of all the smoke and the lights – it ain’t me.

what’s the matter? you like him don’tcha?

You know that little white speck on top of chicken shit? It’s chicken shit too.

you know theres a funny thing about that little white speck on top of chicken shit…. its chicken shit to

you know, sometimes the tree grows too fast, and the roots don’t develop and you have to chop off the top of that tree to let the roots catch up.

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