Movie Quotes from Pumpkinhead: Quotes from the movie Pumpkinhead

*Tagline*__ For each of man’s evils, a special demon exists

1/ God damn you!! God damn you!!!!
2/ He already has son, he already has!

1/ You sure the animals will be ok?___
2/ The animals will be fine, it only kills what it’s called upon to kill, that and whatever gets in it’s way

1/_Something is chasing us…please… we just need you help!!!
2/_I can’t help you… you folks is marked!

1/_Whatever you saw out there wasn’t the Devil…
2/_It was!!!

awesome and horrifying movie!!!

Ed Harley: Goddamn you! Goddamn me!
Witch: He already has, son, He already has…

I’m afraid raisin’ the dead ain’t within my power

Look at this kid’s glasses… we’re talking coke bottles

Maggie: Don’t worry, God will help us. [Loads shotgun.] Tracy: Then what’s that for? Maggie: In case God doesn’t show up.

She can’t help you, and all she can do is take you straight to hell!

That old woman scares the piss outta me

Tracy- Can’t you stop it. Can’t you call it off?! Harley- Can’t call it off. But I’m gonna send it back to whatever hell it come from.

Tracy:Can’t you stop it;can’t you call it off?! Harley:Can’t call it off. But I’m gonna send it back to what ever hell it come from.

You’re looking at vengeance… cruel, devious, pure as venom… vengeance!

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