Movie Quotes from Pump Up the Volume: Quotes from the movie Pump Up the Volume

….this is happy hairy hard on telling you to eat your cereal with a fork, and do your homework, in the dark….

…the scary secret, is being young is sometimes worse than being dead….

1/ What’s up?
2/ Ummmm, I was looking for some stamps
1/ You gunna write your friends back east?
2/ No, I’m gunna send away for an inflatable date

1/_ I got something to show ya
2/_ Is it bigger than a babies arm?

1/_I like that… *Talk Hard*…. I like the idea that a voice came just go somewhere, uninvited, just kinda hangout, a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. A dirty thought is like a virus, it would just kill all the clean thoughts and just take over…. that would be serious
2/_ That would be totally serious

Being a teenager sucks but that’s the whole point….. surviving it is the whole point!!

Consider the life of a teenager. You have parents, teachers telling you what to do. You have movies, magazines, and TV telling you what to do. But you know what you have to do. Your job, your purpose, is to get accepted, get a cute girl friend, and think up something great to do

Crestwood is a maggot pusswad!

Eat your cereal with a fork, and do your homework in the dark!!

Eat your cereal with a fork, and do your homework in the dark.

Every night you enter me like a criminal, but you’re no ordinary criminal

Everybody Knows___-___ Leonard Cohen [song]

Guess who?? It’s ten o’clock, do you care where your parents are?

hard harry: remember girls i can smell a lie like a fart in a car

I don’t know anything about these letters asking for love advice… the only thing I know about love is that I should be out there making it instead of sitting in here talking about it to you guys

I’m the eat me, beat me lady

I’m the eat-me, beat-me lady.

ill be there….naked…wearing only a cockring

Nothing to do anymore, everything decent has been done, all the great themes have been used up, turned into theme-parks so I don’t find it exactly thrilling to live in a totally exhausted decade where there’s nothing to look forward to and no-one to look up to…. that was deep!! (burrrrrp)

Now I’m depressed and I wanna kill myself but luckily I’m too depressed to bother

Remember my Dear, I can smell a lie like a fart in a car.

Rise up in the cafeteria and stab them with your plastic forks!


Talk Hard!

The truth is a virus

Truth is a virus.

Why Can’t I Fall In Love? [song]

You can smell it, you can almost taste it…. the rankness in the air

You hear, about some kid did something stupid– something desperate. What possessed him? How could he do such a terrible thing? Well, (come here) It’s really quite simple, actually. Consider life of a teenager, huh? You have parents, teachers telling you what to do. You have movies, magazines, and TV telling you what to do, but you know what you have to. Huh? Your job, your purpose is to get accepted, get a cute girlfriend, and think up something great to do for the rest of your life. What if you’re confused and you can’t imagine a career? What if you’re funny looking and can’t get a girlfriend? You see, no one wants to hear it. But the terrible secret… is that being young, is sometimes less fun then being dead. Suicide is wrong, but the interesting thing about it, is how uncomplicated it seems. You know? There you are, you got all these problems swarming around in your brain, and here is one simple– one incredibly simple solution. I’m just surprised it doesn’t happen everyday around here. Now, now, they’re going to say I said offing yourself was simple but no, no, no, no, no, it’s not simple. It’s like everything else, you have to read the fine print. For instance, assuming that there is a heaven, who would ever wanna go there? You know? I mean, think about it. It’s cool. You’re sitting there up on this cloud. It’s nice, you know it’s quite. There’s no, no teachers, there’s no parents. But guess what. There’s nothing to do, fucking boring. Another thing to remember about suicide, is that it’s not a pretty picture. I mean first of all, you shit your shorts, you know? So, there you are, dead. People are weeping over you, crying. Girls you never spoke to are saying, “Why? Why? Why?” And you have a load in your shorts. That’s the way I see it. Sue me. Now they’re saying I shouldn’t think stuff like this. They’re saying that something is wrong with me, that I should be ashamed. Well, I’m sick of being ashamed. I mean, aren’t you?

You know what I say! So be it!!!

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