Movie Quotes from Psycho II: Quotes from the movie Psycho II

–Norman, what’s wrong?
–It’s starting again.

At least my customers have a good time! What’d yours get Bates, hah? Death, that’s what they got! Death! Murdered by you, ya looney!!

Don’t humour me! I’m telling you there was a note, on that wheel, from my dead mother!

I am not your mother, I am MARY!

I don’t kill people anymore.

Just don’t let them take me back to the institution.

Norman was not convicted of murder. He was found not guilty by reasons of insanity, and since he is no longer insane, he has the right to live a normal life like you and I.

Toomey: What’s it like? Marry: What? Toomey: Screwin’ a Psycho

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